Squashy Bug

They have to gather food without being crushed by humans. Try to stay between your feet to get food. Embark on an epic journey by dodging your feet and collecting coins. Take a look at the world as you fight for your survival! Have you ever noticed the poor insects…

Squashy Bug

You need to collect food without getting squashed by human beings. Try to stay between foots to reach the food, don’t get hasty. Good Luck

The Last Battery

In an old factory, robots fight for the last battery and stay operational! In this simple and beautiful fun game keep the battery with you to survive! Do not let your opponents steal it. Whoever takes great fun the online game battery for a longer time wins the cool math game match! WHAT’S NEW…


NEUTRINO The neutrino with antineutrino is the cool science games. But it’s a kids version. So it doesn’t mean, you need to be a science student to play the games. Even if you know nothing about electro-physics, still you can make a good score! So don’t just skip if you are…


Then this is your game – Soccertastic means awesome swipe penalty football! Are you interested in soccer? Then this is your game – Soccertastic means awesome swipe penalty football! The aim is to score as many goals as possible within the given time. But be careful: the keeper is getting…

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