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Quiz Story Game

If you read one article about educational HTML5 quiz read this one Have you grown up with Super Mario and Tetris? Has he ever defeated Diablo? Have you traveled to Monkey Island or Wolfenstein Castle during your holiday? To make this fantastic HTML5 quiz a real challenge, you only have…

Quiz Story – Animal

How fun game HTML5 educational made me a better person? Animal Quiz Story is a fun game and educational game. It demonstrates your knowledge of the different creatures that are found all over the world. Can you say between an African wild dog and a hyena? Can you tell a…

Wordguess 4Images

How Quiz puzzles Word games can help You? After the popular story of Quiz Word, this new quiz is a big challenge. And there 4 pictures, but only one word found. For those who like quizzes and puzzles and riddles, the 4×1 Picture Quiz allows hours of fun! Also it…

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