Snake Vs Colors

Like a snake, you must have an agile response. Like a colorful snake humming ,let’s try the beautiful game: use the mouse to control the movement of your snake and reach the target. There are many obstacles on the way, you can only overcome the same obstacles of your color.…

Gate Rusher

A long time ago, a ball lost her lover. It must overcome difficulties and obstacles to find them. Direct the ball to cross the ring. Do not touch anything but the ring, otherwise you will lose. There are many levels you can unlock. Can you accept the challenge? The happy…

Perfect Hit

Perfect Hit is a running game, in this game you need to control the ball to collect other balls and become longer. Avoid roadblocks on the road or you will lose your balls. See how many levels you can reach. Move your ball over twisty roll and be careful about…

Speed Ball

Speedball is a 3D ball game. In this bubble shoot game, you can control the ball to avoid obstacles and overcome the levels. Collect coins to unlock new skins and embark on another adventure. See how many levels you can finish! It is the most compelling games for ball lovers. Challenge…

Love Balls

A couple of dancers was separated and they were in love. Can you help them meet? You have neither feet nor hands and you can use your intelligent brain just to draw a path with the mouse, to guide the blue ball forward and to touch the pink ball of…

Rise Up

When the ball rises, protect it with a shield. Move the obstacle with the shield to prevent the ball from touching it. Otherwise, the game ends. As the balloon rises, the diamonds can be collected and new balloons are released into the store. The highest score you can get by…

Color Snake

Color Snake is an interesting snake avoiding game, in this game you need to control a snake to avoid those deadly obstacles and collect stars. You can only pass through the obstacles in the same color as your snake. Be careful, have fun!

Crossy Bridge

It is so exciting to drive on the highway. You have to take the road in time to building games bridges in the moat. Sliding passage for safe driving. The more you driving game, the more points you get. Enjoy playing with Crossy bridge builder. Good luck -Crossing the bridge…

Iron Boy

Iron Boy is an arcade game. Just click on the magnet to move the boy. Avoid obstacles and get good grades. Try to jump as high as you can. Keep jumping, do not stop. Have fun and good luck. Help the boy, who is made of iron, to jump from…

Candy Pacman

Candy Pacman is a free relaxation game. Use the arrow keys to control your Pacman to eat all the candy. You must avoid the other Pacman and do not let yourself be touched. Join the game and check how many levels you can overcome. Have fun! Enjoy the famous arcade…

Round Rivals: Chicken Chopper

You have to check your vehicle and get more chickens from your opponents. The driving game in the meantime, look for adventure other vehicles if you’re hit. The game is over when you’re hit. Have fun with rivals: Chicken Chopper.

Christmas Catcher

Christmas is upon us Santa also wants to prepare presents for everyone. Gifts come down from the roof of his room. Use the left and right arrows to control the movements of Santa Claus. The more gifts you receive, the higher your score will be. Avoid the fallen axle, as…

Duck Life: Battle

The duck we know is back! Before you begin the battle, enter the training room to improve the attacking ability, health, defense, speed and special attack of the duck to strengthen it. Fight against all ducks and become the best. If you want to increase capacity, the business can offer…

Street Driver

You have to play well in the game against obstacles. How about driving game two cars at the same time? This is a racing simulator with realistic vehicle physics, impressive graphics, and an innovative game. This game tests your responsiveness and your abilities. Make sure that none of the cars…

Cookie Maze

Cookie Maze is a fun arcade game. In the game, you need to make the donut fall into the dragon’s mouth. At the same time, you need to collect the stars. Don’t forget to avoid those obstacles, such as lines covered with nails. Have fun. We use cookies to personalize…

Electricity Trap

Electricity Trap is an interesting retro game. Control the character to move, use the arrows to avoid the electric wall, or you will die. Press Ctrl to shooting and eliminate stray enemies. Join to test how many scores you will get. Electricity is a new feature added in Alpha 16 and…


Supergun is an awesome shooting cool game. Use the keyboard arrow to control your spaceship‘s direction and shooting as many squares as you can. Remember to avoid the red square but hit the other colored squares to get bonus scores. Can you get a high score? Have a good time!

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