The Last Battery

In an old factory, robots fight for the last battery and stay operational! In this simple and fun game keep the battery with you to survive! Do not let your opponents steal it. Whoever takes the battery for a longer time wins the match! WHAT’S NEW Time to test your…


Xipooh is a youkai who was called by Kaifer to conquer the world, but something went awry … Xipooh does not want to be controlled by the evil sorcerer and has simply fled from his spells to travel around the world Home to return home Help Xipooh with this great…

Arena Fu

Try your martial arts skills in this addictive game! The game has simple graphics and a unique game. You can try this game in your browser because it is a Flash web game. Play a cute character in the game and kill as many enemies as you can in this…

Flappy Color Birds

Fly with the colorful bird in the right color. A fun crossover game that combines FLAPPY BIRD and COLOR SWITCH. Just fold your wings so that you can go through the wall, which has the same color as your bird. The color will change to be very careful and accurate.…


Toasterball is simply the most fun–addicting 2 player ball game ever created. You can control your toaster using the arrow keys to move back and forth towards and away from your goal. Beat your opponent by hitting balls in the air. Have fun and enjoy the game.

Gate Rusher

Long long time ago, there was a little ball that loses his lover. He has to overcome difficulties and obstacles to find her. Control the ball to move around to cross the ring. Avoid touching any position other than the ring, otherwise, you will lose. There are many levels for…

Go Fish!

The richest fisherman will tell you how to fish today, now get your boat and fishing rod to learn the skill! First, throw out your fishing rod and get the fishes, the upgrade your equipment with the money you just get by selling your fish. Keep fishing to be the best…

Paint Hit

Paint Hit is a fun 3D arcade game. Paint the surface with the balls of random color. Be careful to avoid touching the same color. Otherwise, the game will start all over again. You have to launch all the balls before time runs out. Have a good time.

Double Guns

Double Guns is a unique shooting game. Use the keyboard arrows to control the pistols on the left and right sides. Shooting as many targets as possible and get the highest score. This is a game that looks simple but actually tests skills. Can you face the challenge? Remember not…

Speed Ball

Speedball is a 3D ball running game. In this game, you can control the ball to avoid obstacles and pass levels. Collect coins to unlock new skins and take another adventure. See how many levels you can finish!

Rise Up

When the balloon rises, protect it with a shield. Use the shield to move the obstacle to prevent the balloon from touching it. Otherwise, the game will over. When the balloon rises, diamonds can be collected and new balloons can be unlocked in the store. The highest score you can…

Stack Jump

As most of the boys like jump and run games includes Smith. He always wants to jump to the highest place and see the beautiful scenery of this city. Now you can help him to achieve his goal, avoid those platforms and jump on it. See how many points you…

Mr Gun

Mr gun is a cool arcade shooting game. In this game, you need to help Mr gun to kill all his enemies. You can get different guns in different ways, the only thing you need to do is aim at the bad guys and shoot them! Have fun! Note: Don’t…

Laps Fuse

Laps Fuse is a puzzle number matching game. The game is similar to 2048, but much more difficult and requires a quick response from the player. A ball marked with Numbers is rotated, and when you match three or more balls of the same color, it merges into another ball…

Crazy Courier Ride

Crazy Courier is a riding challenge game. You must help the courier finish the express missions. Gain more red gem and unlock the best motorcycle. There are 15 levels for you! Enjoy it!

The Branch

The branch is a 3D arcade game. You can click to rotate the best games: the branches move randomly on the road in the chase online game. You have to stay on the branches as long as possible and collect gold coins to unlock new characters. Join the fun game.…

Flip Pubg Gun

Flip Pubg Gun is a shooting game. You have to click with the mouse to shoot somewhere and use the kickback at startup. Collect bullets and gold coins during the ascent. With the help of coins, more powerful weapons were unlocked. Enjoy this challenging game! Enjoy a brand new realistic…

Iron Boy

Iron Boy is an arcade game. Just click on the magnet to move the boy. Avoid obstacles and get good grades. Try to jump as high as you can. Keep jumping, do not stop. Have fun and good luck. Help the boy, who is made of iron, to jump from…

Basketball Arcade

If you’re a basketball fan, you can not miss this fantastic basketball game. You can choose your favorite team. In a limited time, the more basketball you shooting, the better. Control your power by holding down the left mouse button. When I play this game, I think your basketball skills…

Candy Pacman

Candy Pacman is a free relaxation game. Use the arrow keys to control your Pacman to eat all the candy. You must avoid the other Pacman and do not let yourself be touched. Join the game and check how many levels you can overcome. Have fun! Enjoy the famous arcade…

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