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Forest Jump

Do you like games where you have to blow a character on the screen? Are you ready to play the best galaxy jump game? PLAYTOUCH is very pleased to present FOREST JUMP, a fantastic game in an extraordinary forest. FOREST JUMP is a fun game for the whole family! ……

Color Tower

Stack your tower in the sky! Color Tower is a game where you have to use the dice to build towers as high as possible without dropping everything! How do you play? ➡ You have to collect Cuber and make ten-roll towers. ➡Your score will increase for each placed die,…


Toasterball is simply the most fun–addicting 2 player ball game ever created. You can control your toaster using the arrow keys to move back and forth towards and away from your goal. Beat your opponent by hitting balls in the air. Have fun and enjoy the game.

Impossible Bottle Flip

Do you think you can take on the Impossible Bottle Flip? You can open this game and have a try! This game is really difficult, tap to flip through the room onto ordinary household objects to get to the finish. Just don’t fall off! Keep trying!

Love Balls 2

Love Balls series game come back! What problem will this little blue ball encounter this time? The blue ball was hung up by cut the rope, his lover is close at hand but can’t touch. It’s a sad story. Let’s cut the rope to make them together! Carefully observe the…

Color Snake

Color Snake is an interesting snake avoiding game, in this game you need to control a snake to avoid those deadly obstacles and collect stars. You can only pass through the obstacles in the same color as your snake. Be careful, have fun!

Crazy Courier Ride

Crazy Courier is a riding challenge game. You must help the courier finish the express missions. Gain more red gem and unlock the best motorcycle. There are 15 levels for you! Enjoy it!

Ice Cream Cone Maker

Do you like delicious ice cream? You can taste different types of ice cream and even prepare yourself! Follow the passage to become an ice machine and decorate it to make it unique! Become a great cook and create delicious specialties that everyone will love. With this ice cream and…

Going Nuts Game

HELP THE STARVING LITTLE SQUIRREL IN THE BEAUTIFUL GOING OR GO NUTS CARTOON GAMES Going or go nuts is an HTML5 game. A cute little squirrel is starving for food! Can you collect lots of nuts and acorns for him? So let’s play the wonderful cartoon games and enjoy the…

Christmas Gift

IT’S CHRISTMAS TIME AND SANTA CLAUS IS COLLECTING GOOD CHRISTMAS GIFTS FOR KIDS! Yet another year has gone. Yet another Christmas is in front. So Santa Claus is looking to collect good Christmas gifts for kids. All the kids are waiting for Santa’s surprise gift again. It is a big responsibility…

1941 Frozen Front

Lead German forces at the Frozen Front Lead German forces on the rise towards the East or defend mother Russia on the Soviet side. So choose the right tactic of warfare. And earn your stripes as an ingenious Commander at the Frozen Front. Therefore experience mind-blowing, World War 2 battles…

My Kingdom For The Princess

The princess’ strategy game article of your dream The favorite game is in ruins and is to restore the brave and noble Knight Arthur. Help him to rebuild the empire and remedy the destroyed cities. Pollutions clean and repair broken roads and buildings. So Gather jewels, improve buildings, and provide…

Dream Fields

Dream Fields The world of dreams awaits you! With pigs, dragons and jam-eating bears, all of your wildest fantasies can come to life! Dreamfields is the ultimate social farming game. Located in a world of dreams where each and every dream is unique, you can drift from one dream to…

Need A Hero

Need a Hero Do you want to be a hero? Do you want to save beautiful princesses and fight fearsome dragons? Do you love puzzles, adventures and RPG? Are you are tired of boring match-three? Then I need you! I need a HERO! The princess is imprisoned in the tower…

Farm Days

Farm Days Care for the farm you’ve inherited, and help it flourish with the help of your loyal friends. You can plant the most succulent crops and fruit trees, care for them, and bring in abundant harvests. Become the owner of wonderful farm animals that provide you with fantastic products,…

Dining Zoo

Dining Zoo Welcome to Dining Zoo! What would happen if we all turned into animals? And how can you run a restaurant in a world full of animals? Find out for yourself in free- to-play Dining Zoo!  This is the best restaurant game ever! Play 1010 Animals or find more strategy games…

Gin Rummy Classic

Test your Gin Rummy skills in this fun version of the popular two-player card game! Test your Gin Rummy skills in this fun version of the popular two-player card game! Choose between different opponents, each with a different playing style, select one who matches your skill level and try to…

Civilizations Wars Master Edition

TRY THE BEST WAR STRATEGY GAMES PC FOR FULLY FREE!! If you love to play the strategy game, try our Civilizations Wars Master Edition and enjoy the gameplay. Because this is one of our best civilizations game and loaded with cool features. So in front of the enemy front line…

Monster Pet

Adopt your very own monster! This virtual pet game is fun for all ages Adopt your very own monster! This virtual pet game is fun for all ages. Take care of your new monster friend, feed it, wash it and treat it when it gets sick. Earn coins by playing…

Jelly Bomb

Jelly Bomb is a fun logic puzzle Jelly Bomb is a fun logic puzzle where you have to explode jellys to clear the table. Jellys will explode into little jelly drops which cause chain reactions when hitting other jellys. Smaller ones need to be filled up with jelly drops first.…

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