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Spring Flowers: Hidden Objects

Collect all the hidden objects on the spring flowers images.Do you think you can find ten objects that are hidden in each of five levels and become the winner?

Money Detector: EURO

Find seven differences in identical pictures of 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 euro. Complete five levels, find all differences on each level and get fifteen stars.

Bitcoin Clicker

Bitcoin Clicker is a fun HTML5 clicker cool game that you can play for free. Build your Bitcoin and become a Bitcoin Clicker. Have fun. The most exciting Bitcoin game, Download it now for free! Be ready for endless hours of fun for all! The best game is very simple:…

Christmas Castle

Christmas Castle is a free Christmas game. Draw Christmas items to create a line of match3 or more matching items. Combine more than 3 results in special bonuses up to 5 games in a row. Making a match increases the remaining time. Play fast so you do not waste time.…

Doodle Creatures

What happens if you join an elephant with a flamingo? In Doodle Creatures, you can discover it by creating hundreds of fantastic and unique creatures by combining different animals. Play Doctor and analyze hundreds of DNA animals that allow you to combine different beautiful animal traits to create new creatures.…


Frozen forms remain in suspension and do not move until they are frozen game. Find the right order to physically rebuild the iceberg! Explore the expanse of a cold alien country in this addictive physics cool game. Let the shapes lie in the right spots of the icy game iceberg…

Baseball for Clowns

Henk was the best game baseball player in the world before the wilds tricked him and did not beat him. And now, after Henk’s withdrawal, the Jokers are back to cause trouble! Help him get rid of the Joker once and for all! Fun game! Waiting for other games from…

Happy Kittens Puzzle

A sweet version of the raster puzzle: your goal is to fill the table with lucky cats exchanging grumpy cats. Think carefully and change your cat until you have solved the 60 puzzles! Happy Kittens Puzzle by Link Desks Inc. is an addictive pop chat beautiful game with over 1000…

3 2 1 Spell

You are a wizard involved in fast-paced magic duels. Observe the specific magic your oponent is using and fight back with the beautiful right spell! Quick eyeballs and cool math fingers required!

Monster Nail Doctor

Monster Nail Doctor – Games for children free for 3 years. In this free games, children learn virtual nail surgery. Nail surgery is today an innovative concept. Our mission is to create great educational surgery game for kids using interactive virtual surgery firsthand. Nail Doctor is one of the best…

Lucky Blocks

Fill in the blocks of your lucky blocks to earn points. Block Puzzle is a totally free puzzle. You can enjoy it online game anywhere, anytime. This connectionless game has a very simple game: simply drag and drop the entire grid. But once you’ve played, you can not help but…

Calming Lia

Soothing Lia is a fun combination of cool game 3. Collect magical sweaters, subtle diamonds and shiny gold! Play Match 3 and solve puzzle game in this game. Travel through worlds entertaining, offshore, Spectral Circus and more in this great adventure of this game including 3 Lia dream. Meet magical roommates…

7×7 Ultimate

Can you master the 7×7 chart? Create lines so that colored tiles do not fill everything! Create punctuation combinations, but do not wait too long: things get dirty quickly, concentrate! – The cool game graphics and interface of 7×7 Ultimate are so impressive that you can compare them with a real…

Animal Connection

Test your pattern detection skills in this cute puzzle. Animal Connection features 3 different cool game modes and 30 puzzle stages: match all cute animals and clear the board game! Animal Connection is the funny game for relaxing time. There are 2 modes: – Count down: each level having a…

Flow Mania

A simple, yet addictive puzzle game. Connect pairs of colorful dots with the pipe to create a flow between them. You also have to cover the whole board with the pipe. Pipes cannot cross or overlap each other. Connect matching colors with pipe to create a Flow®. Pair all colors, and…

Draw In

Draw a line to create an animal or other objects. It seems incredible? In fact, you can do cool math games. Draw In is a nice game where you can test your macro-measurement skills. Click on the screen to enlarge the line. After releasing the screen, the beautiful line automatically surrounds…

Paint Hit

Paint Hit is a fun 3D arcade game. Paint the surface with the balls of random color. Be careful to avoid touching the same color. Otherwise, the game will start all over again. You have to launch all the balls before time runs out. Splash your drops of color on…

Rainbow Stacker

Play Rainbow Stacker, the relaxing and fun click game. Stack the colored blocks by clicking on the right moment. So be patient and precise. How high can you reach? Are you a serial blocker? We see that in this math game you have to stack too many blocks to build huge…

Love Balls 2

Love Balls series game come back! What problem will this little blue ball encounter this time? The blue ball was hung up by the rope, his lover is close at hand but can’t touch. It’s a sad story. Let’s cut the rope to make them together! Carefully observe the length…

Weave The Line

Weave the Line is a challenging puzzle game. Drag points to complete the same geometry as above. The game has 2 models: Classic and 2 colors. Choose your favorite model to start the cool math games: different levels are waiting for you to unlock them. Can you challenge yourself? Drag a…

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