Squashy Bug


They have to gather food without being crushed by humans. Try to stay between your feet to get food. Embark on an epic journey by dodging your feet and collecting coins. Take a look at the world as you fight for your survival! Have you ever noticed the poor insects crushed at your feet? In Smashy Bugs, you can not only observe these beautiful insects up close, but also have the experience of being these insects. In this cool game, you have a best game unique view of the mistakes and all you have to do is dodge the next…

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Squashy Bug

You need to collect food without getting squashed by human beings. Try to stay between foots to reach the food, don’t get hasty. Good Luck



TenTrix is ​​easy to play and a nice game fun for all ages! Just drag the blocks and fill all the colored grids. Once started, you’ll be delighted: this 3D-style game is cool math games waiting for you! The goal is to delete TenTrix to create and destroy entire lines on the screen vertically and horizontally. Remember that the blocks do not fill the screen. No color matching Just fill in all the raster with the corresponding TenTrix. features – 3 different beautiful game modes (Classic / Plus / Time) – 2 game themes, day and night

Tom & Jerry Mouse Maze


Cheese is everywhere and Jerry is on a mission to get everything! But he must be careful because Tom is hunting. Help beautiful Jerry through the fun levels in which you collect cheese, while Tom avoids himself in this classic cat and mouse game. Use power-ups and everyday objects to stay one step ahead. Keep an eye on Tom and his friends because they will be hot for your bird! ************* ★ Many levels and universes full of fun cheeses! ★ Avoid Tom, his friends and all the cool math mysterious traps they face. ★ Use transport tunnel, magic hats, vases…

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Doodle Creatures


What happens if you join an elephant with a flamingo? In Doodle Creatures, you can discover it by creating hundreds of fantastic and unique creatures by combining different animals. Play Doctor and analyze hundreds of DNA animals that allow you to combine different beautiful animal traits to create new creatures. Awesomeness is waiting for you! Build and upgrade your genetics lab, which will allow you to create an even more spectacular universe of creatures of your imagination! More than 140,000,000 PLAYERS IN THE WORLD FOR THE DOODLE SERIES! CHARACTERISTICS OF THE GAME * Puzzles for all ages and levels. *…

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Bomber Friends


Bombard the enemies and you’ll be the last to survive to win the fun for all game! Collect power-ups to get explosive bombs! Do not worry if you’re spoiled, the fun is just beginning! Find the key and open the door to win the games! Get bomber friends now and take part in the extremely fast paced and fun multiplayer online game! Bombard your friends and be the last to survive to win the cool math game! Collect upgrades to get more powerful bombs! Use explosive bombs to get your friends away from the map! And do not worry if you’re…

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Grand Prix Hero


Compete across multiple continents as you race in the Grand Prix Series. Dodge traffic, boost at high speeds, collect coins and upgrade your car for the next race. Are you the Grand Prix Hero? Racing is one of the fastest Formula racing cool math games that you’re likely to play this year. Get into your high performance vehicle and accelerate to breath taking speeds on the track, beat your AI opponents formula rally beautiful race cars and take home the Cash and become one of the greatest racing legends to compete in the Formula Racing arena! Compete against other rally racing…

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Little Alchemy


Little Alchemy is the new cool math game of alchemy. Start with four basic elements and look for dinosaurs, unicorns and spaceships! More than 550 items available. Start with four basic elements and look for beautiful dinosaurs, unicorns and spaceships! FEATURES • 560 items. • One-handed gameplay. • Available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Polish, Dutch, Swedish and Norwegian. • Combine elements to create interesting, fun for all and surprising elements. • Play at your own pace. • Every combination is a small puzzle. • Results. • Integration of Google Play best Games. The online game is free. And if…

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Frozen forms remain in suspension and do not move until they are frozen game. Find the right order to physically rebuild the iceberg! Explore the expanse of a cold alien country in this addictive physics cool game. Let the shapes lie in the right spots of the icy game iceberg as you watch the floating headlights and flying cuttlefish.

Fox Adventurer


Game Fox Adventurer. Help Mr. Fox in his magical adventure. Switch between day and night to choose the right route to your destination. Create stone clones to jump higher and collect green gems. Help Mr. Fox collect best games in the enchanted Forest Switch between day and night to find the right path Build the clones to reach higher places. Avoid ghosts and thorns – Beautiful art – Very beautiful tones -Easy to learn and play cool math game Fox Adventurer. Run and have fun.

Baseball for Clowns


Henk was the best game baseball player in the world before the wilds tricked him and did not beat him. And now, after Henk’s withdrawal, the Jokers are back to cause trouble! Help him get rid of the Joker once and for all! Fun game! Waiting for other games from this developer. Enjoy a fast and realistic baseball game with compact gameplay and informative statistics. Play BASEBALL NINE and become the champion of the legend! ★ Features of the beautiful game. – Thin and fast gameplay! – Random characters and cool math game mechanics series! – Pitching and fielding is…

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Blocky Warrior


Play Blocky Warrior, the brand new action puzzle game for every device. Defeat all enemies and end the math game. main features – Various games: various mini-games in which different players can play together and update games continuously. Users can participate in the online game by simply pressing. – Customizable avatars: the dressing system offers the player a lot of dressing. Cover different styles of decoration, dress according to your tastes, glitzy, simple, elegant, lively or soft. The system also recommends the best clothes. Join the fashion party quickly and become the brightest star! – Chat system: Blocky Warrior offers…

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Basket Champs


Basketball Champs is the new beautiful game developed by Foot Chinko. Choose your basketball team and great fun compete in the World Cup. Arcade style basketball is fun! ★ Easy to move and bubble shooter! ★ Dark on people! ★ diabolical crosses and regressions! ★ Join LIVE EVENTS! ★ Customize your look and cool math game improve your players! ★ Challenge your friends on a split screen in two players!

Farm Blocks 10×10


Farm Blocks 10×10 is easy to play and fun for all ages! Just drag the blocks and fill all the colored grids. Once started, you’ll be delighted: this 3D-style game is waiting for you! Tetra Blocks is a new puzzle. It is definitely the most difficult of all the other block puzzles and will be one of the cool math game most popular block games of all time. , It is very easy to learn but difficult to master. Place the next tile in a 10×10 grid by dragging it. You can rotate the frame by tapping once before starting to…

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Happy Kittens Puzzle


A sweet version of the raster puzzle: your goal is to fill the table with lucky cats exchanging grumpy cats. Think carefully and change your cat until you have solved the 60 puzzles! Happy Kittens Puzzle by Link Desks Inc. is an addictive pop chat beautiful game with over 1000 puzzles! Join millions of players in the best free pop chat game Happy Kittens Puzzle offers you much more fun and happiness! 🏃 Quickly in the world of pop cat bubbles! Our online game is for children and adults! Enjoy this awesome best game Pop Bubble Cat Popcat! 😻 Cats…

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Teddy Bear Zombies Machine Gun


Defend yourself from Teddy Zombies by bubble shooter them in this cool game compatible with mobile devices and desktop computers. 6 different enemies, 14 levels + survival mode, 9 balls to unlock, fluid beautiful animations, original SFX. Try the Zombie Teddy Bear submachine fun gun. You are the only person able to protect the world from the incessant march of Teddy Zombies! You should upgrade your shooting skills … fast!

3 2 1 Spell


You are a wizard involved in fast-paced magic duels. Observe the specific magic your oponent is using and fight back with the beautiful right spell! Quick eyeballs and cool math fingers required!

Refuge Solitaire


In the Solitaire Hut, we need to sort the outer piles of the 8 bridges in the middle. 4 of them in the order of King-2 and in the other Ace-Child bridge. In addition, we can move the card tabs one on the other as long as they have the same color and a value lower or higher than the current card value to reach the other cards. Do not forget to sit in the Solitaire computer to pass the time or relax. Now you can relax at any time with the palm of your hand. It’s simple and fun,…

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Monster Nail Doctor


Monster Nail Doctor – Games for children free for 3 years. In this free games, children learn virtual nail surgery. Nail surgery is today an innovative concept. Our mission is to create great educational surgery game for kids using interactive virtual surgery firsthand. Nail Doctor is one of the best game nail surgery games fun for all those who like to act in surgery. Here in this beautiful game you have several patients with injured fingers. Treat them with real surgical instruments.

Algerian Solitaire


Algerian Solitaire is the new solitaire game for everyone! Move all the cards from the external batteries to the eight stacks of foundations in the middle. Just move or drag the cards to the destination with one touch. You can use your brain to complete the classic board games. If you like card games, our Solitaire Algerian will give you endless fun. And most importantly, it’s a single player card cool math game that’s available for free! Although this is a very classic game, we can do better. Do not you believe it? Let me show you our Algerian Solitaire…

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