Sushi Backgammon

Sushi Backgammon


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Enjoy rounds of one of the most established board games known these days. And our game design is based on delicious Sushi characters! So In this delicious backgammon board games version, your job is to move your pieces. And it does not matter how you look at it onto the plate before your opponent. Roll the dice and place your sushi deliberately maintaining good strategy and by following Backgammon rules. All the while two players cannot involve at a time to gain points. So prepare to block your opponent for backgammon set and gain a reward or bonus score. Would you be able to win in each of the 3 difficulties and turn yourself into a genuine sensei?

Backgammon rules

The Backgammon rules are easy and enjoyable for you when you play so often with the backgammon board games. Backgammon set is a wonderful board game version for two players (you and the computer). And you will need to go on a board comprising of twenty-four limited rectangles called points. The rectangles interchange between two players in shading and the will be gathering into four quadrants of six rectangles each. The boards you will have to play as a player’s home board. And those are the external board and the home board.

You find the focus numbers for either player beginning in that player’s home board.

The home and external sheets are that you cannot use from each other by an edge down the focal point of the board. And we call it the bar. You find the focus numbers for either player beginning in that player’s home board. The outermost point is the twenty-four point, which is similarly the rival one point on Backgammon set. Every player has fifteen delicious sushi of his own shading and color. The initial course of action of checkers is two on every player’s twenty-four points. Finally five on every player’s thirteen sushis, three on every player’s eight sushi’s, and five on every player’s six points.

Both players have their own match of dice and a dice cup for their shaking. A multiplying cube, with the numerals 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, and 64 on its faces. And the cube you will be in need to use to monitor the present condition of the jigsaw game following the backgammon rules.


  • DINING TOP BOARD: Nicely designed dining table top board games graphics will provide you a feel for the homely environment. You will have your computer as your extreme opponent to beat.


  • DELICIOUS SUSHI: delicious sushi is what you are going to play with as dice. Nice and colorful sushi you need to move following backgammon rules.


  • ENORMOUS EFFECT: You will experience enormous graphics effects. And that is on each and every move of the backgammon set. This is to make your playing even cooler and enjoyable to go with.


  • BACKGROUND MUSIC AND SOUND: Sweet background music and sound will deliver you with a mind-blowing feeling. So enjoy playing and spending your leisure time with the set. It is like your friends are cheering and teasing on your success.


  • REMARKABLE PUZZLE: With the pleasure on classic chess Chinese culture you will also enjoy remarkable online puzzle game difficulty that you need to solve and proceed.

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