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Unblock It

Unblock It is a puzzle game. Your goal is to move other wooden blocks then let the colored blocks go out from the exit. If the number of steps moved is small enough, you will get three stars! I hope you can have a good time with this fun game!


This is a highly challenging puzzle game for all ages. This online game is a real brain teaser! Try to use arrow keys, or WASD to orbit the camera. Three squares of the same color will be eliminated. Can you complete it and get a high score? Have fun play…

How To Boil Eggs

According to the hints, now you know how to boil eggs. Along with the increasing number of eggs boilers, you must maintain the heat meter in the green zone, or the eggs will be overcooked. Have fun and get a higher score!

Roary The Racing Car Differences

Do you like cartoon Roary the Racing Car? If yes, then don’t miss this fun game-Roary The Racing Car Differences. At each level, two images of subtle differences are given, and you need to find all seven differences in a limited minute. Believe that you will be able to find…

Monster Blocks

Monster Blocks is a mix between all these puzzle games. You control falling blocks almost in the same way as in Tetris, but your task is not to fill rows. Instead, as in Bejeweled, you have to connect 3 or more blocks of the same color to complete a match.

Magic Jewels

Magic the gathering by magic tricks Experience the thrill of a fun and addicting Match 3 puzzle games by magic tricks. Help the little genie in her tricks shop and serve the fairies beautiful jewels! Swap and match at least 3 gemes in a row to remove them from the field. Magic the…

Cute Cookie Cut

Cute Cookie Cut is a unique puzzle game Sometimes it is necessary to make a clear cut. While this is true for many things in life it is especially important if you have to share a cookie. Cut cookie is a unique puzzle active game in which you have to slice a…

Candy Rain 3

How to start using addictive puzzle game match3? It’s raining sweets! Hallelujah! The puzzle game Fantastic Match3 Candy Rain is back with new levels. The rain candy games are more fun than ever. Mix at least three delicious sweets to make them disappear from the box. If you combine even more…

My Kingdom For The Princess

The princess’ strategy game article of your dream The favorite game is in ruins and is to restore the brave and noble Knight Arthur. Help him to rebuild the empire and remedy the destroyed cities. Pollutions clean and repair broken roads and buildings. So Gather jewels, improve buildings, and provide…

Cut the Rope 2

GET READY TO BE A ROPE HERO IN THE BEAUTIFUL ZEPTOLAB OM NOM GAMES Enjoy the wonderful zeptolab Om nom games. So we cut the rope 2 zeptolab games, you can become a real rope hero. Also, this HTML 5 games bring some with enormous challenges and obstacles to pass…

Tropical Minion

Here come new ideas for puzzle games Minions Tropical Minion is a logic puzzle in which miners have to deliver delicious fruit with a truck that fits into the right plant with their color. This may be simple, but the thing is that once a path is used by a servant,…

Cut The Rope Time Travel

CUT THE ROPE TIME TRAVEL IS ANOTHER WONDERFUL GAME TO ENJOY YOUR GAMETIME Do you fancy traveling through the time? I know everyone does! So let’s take the pleasure traveling the time with another beautiful cut the Rope Time Travel games. It’s gametime and fun time, so take your chance…

Cut The Rope

Cut the rope to feed candy to Om Nom! Cut the rope to feed candy to Om Nom! A mysterious package has arrived, and the little monster inside has only one request? CANDY! Collect gold stars, discover hidden prizes and unlock exciting new levels in this addictively fun, award-winning, physics-based…

My Candy Box

Play My Candy Box and tease your brain. Play My Candy Box and tease your brain with this funny and highly entertaining puzzle game! You help the funny creatures to reach a tempting box full of candy. To get there you have to make use of their special skills like…


Moopzz is a jigsaw puzzle game Moopzz is a jigsaw puzzle game where you drag blocks around the screen to fit them onto each other. This is simple at first, as you start with just a few blocks and a only few different arrangements being possible. But as the number…

Dino Steak

Play Dino Steak and collect as much of tasty the food as possible in this puzzle game! Play Dino Steak and collect as much of tasty the food as possible in this puzzle game! The cute baby dinosaur is on a diet and he is very, very hungry. A baby…

Cat the Catcher

CAT THE CATCHER IS ONE OF THE FINEST FUN PUZZLE FREE GAMES FOR YOU TO PLAY ONLINE Do you have a crazy cat at home, and also is very lazy? As you know cats are always lazy. But in our wonderful puzzles free games the crazy cat needs your help…

Kitchen Star

Kitchen Star is a brain teaser game Kitchen Star is a brain teaser game with what is quite literally a totally new twist to the genre. With a single click or swipe you rotate one of the layers that contain seemingly unconnected scribbles – until they all of a sudden…

Freaking Math

Check the solution of the mathematical problem as quick as you can Check the solution of the mathematical problem as quick as you can. The more you solve correctly the better will your high score be! Check the solution of the mathematical problem as quick as you can. The more…

Puzzle Fever

Puzzle Fever: Brand-new Puzzle Game with colorful Hexagons! Puzzle Fever: Brand-new Puzzle Game with colorful Hexagons!A simple yet puzzling game has arrived in many colors! Drag the blocks to move, fill in the gameboard, get coins & points! Enjoy unique levels in numerous level difficulties from Basic to Master! Puzzle…

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