My Kingdom For The Princess The princess’ strategy game article of your dream

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The princess' strategy game article of your dream Amazing interesting game princess' pictures Here come new play for favorite game simulation

The princess’ strategy game article of your dream

The favorite game is in ruins and is to restore the brave and noble Knight Arthur. Help him to rebuild the empire and remedy the destroyed cities. Pollutions clean and repair broken roads and buildings. So Gather jewels, improve buildings, and provide useful enhancers that can improve the performance of your employees. Furthermore, Can you save the kingdom simulation and strategy game? and win the heart of the princess? One day Princess Helen was visiting her uncle King Sigmund when suddenly a terrible whirlwind came and devastated earth, and a very interesting game awakened an evil dragon named Firemouth, who could not sleep according to the legend before eating 37 persons. And besides, the father of the princess was hit by lightning. Also, He had to come home at once.And Arthur, a knight famous for his humor and courage, promised to accompany the princess and restore the destroyed territories.
First of all- a mixture of strategy and simulation time management
And- more than 50 levels in 4 different positions
Another- exciting examples
In addition- High-quality graphics
Finally- Variety of game tasks
Romantic fairy tales

You can also play Need A Hero game and we hope you enjoy them all.

Amazing interesting game princess’ pictures

To you, Arthur, a brave knight, to restore the land and guide Princess Helen to her father!

This sequel to the bestseller that won the heart of the iPhone and iPad is now available on Google Play!

In the third part of the favorite game of all, you will find fantastic landscapes and a very interesting game that combines the functions of time management, simulation, and strategy.

The game that combines the functions of time management, simulation, and strategy.

Now there are three heroes fighting for the hand of the beautiful princess. And They are the son of Arthur and Helena, who has chosen the same woman to become his wife. So You must know what is worth to get Elizabeth’s hand in marriage! To do this, they have to perform several tasks, survive betrayal, and save the country from sinking.

There will be some surprises:
– Your employees are diligent;
– building more resources;
– five magical objects;
Unexpected connection;
– charming minor examples;
– new colorful interface;
– only trophies;
– beautiful comics;
– balanced levels that have become increasingly difficult;
– build a wonderful new castle – this time with a bear!

Here come new play for favorite game simulations

It’s time to prove that you are worthy to marry a princess! Run all the tests and win their love!

★★★ “The innovative blend of management and click on the building simulation still works Perfectly, and about new twists along with engaging to provide a pleasant experience mins! “- (4.5 / 5.0) ★★★

★★★ “Look what the excitement is about to test the free trial or download the full version of My Kingdom for the Princess 2 today! “- ★★★

First, of all the adventures of Arthur and Helen continue in this long-awaited sequel to the addictive strategy game time management and Simulation game virtual villagers. Longbeard the Dwarf kidnaps Helen, and Arthur has gone on a long and dangerous journey to rescue his princess. Also On the way to victory, it will erase the state, defend against invaders and work with magical beings like flying cats and witches.

How did simulation favorite game become the best?

My Kingdom for the Princess 2 is an innovative mix of click manage

ment and building simulation still works perfectly. And The following is based on the original formula with some new twists and exciting mini-games. furthermore, the game includes 60 levels in five different islands with the huge variety of landscapes and a variety of tasks to ensure the hours of an entertaining game!

First of all- A unique mix of genres – time management, strategy, and pretending
And- A still original and entertaining story
Another- New characters and obstacles
In addition- Two new game bonuses expand the tactical possibilities of the game.
And- Many special tasks and examples will keep you on your feet
Finally- various services for excellent performance true heroes are always ready for a new challenge! It’s time to prove worthwhile to be a knight again!Free trial, DISCOVER THE COMPLETE ADVENTURES Thurs. – image –

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